The Best Perfume for Men Customer Review

My main passion is good fragrances. I like how it smells on me and on other people. But, when you choose something for yourself it is easy. When you start to look for flavor for another person, it becomes very hard task. Couple of weeks ago I had very important event for me – birthday of my boyfriend. I decided to choose very good present and find the best men’s perfume.

My boyfriend likes different colognes, but most of all he adores Burberry. I knew about that fact and decided to buy his favorite men’s flavor – it was BURBERRY Touch for Men.
First of all, I was very nervous because I decided to buy it online. But the purchase has met all my expectations. Let’s speak about it more concrete.

Best-mens-perfume-BURBERRYFirst about pack. Needless to say, that good perfume must be packed very good and qualitatively. Our perfume is packed in a not too dense and thick cellophane. It tightly fits the box, doesn’t wrinkle and won’t snag. Cellophane is stretched so that it “does not go” in a cardboard box, creating creases or deformation. The seam of the cellophane packaging on the box is smooth. A classic example of the perfume is made in an elegant bottle of black color, which adds extra charm and masculinity of toilet water.

The cardboard packing is dense it is white inside. All inscriptions are clear and not vague. On the box, we see the logo of the brand, the barcode and the expiration date. I verified authenticity through manufacturer batch code, it means that this product is 100% authentic.

BURBERRY Touch for MenAfter opening, I saw that bottle of perfume is not loose inside. It speaks to the high quality of packaging.

The bottle is high quality, without cracks and unevenness. All the distinctive signs of the brand are present.

The atomizer is firmly established, it distributes the application of perfume on the skin evenly.

What about flavor? It is pleasant, stylish and masculine. Moreover, it is very long lasting on the skin. About 8 hours! So I can definitely call BURBERRY Touch for Men the best men perfume now for sure.

As I said before, I am a professional in fragrance sphere, The type of flavor is woody and musky. Top notes: mandarin, violet leaves. The heart note: nutmeg, white pepper, cedar. A final note: vetiver, white musk, beans. Of course, the flavor would be unforgettable.

Best Perfume for MenMy boyfriend likes this cologne for men very much. It is suitable to different situations and smells different every time. It is very exquisite, delicate and fresh. It is perfect for daily and romantic walks and for public events, and for business negotiations. It simultaneously attracts and intrigues, but keeps a distance.

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