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Babies are irresistible. No matter how depressing your day has gone, once you see a little cute face smiling at you, you forget everything else? Isn’t it? Well, babies are cute, sweet and simply adorable. Their lovable innocent eyes look so pure, unsullied and overwhelming that it gives a feeling of contentment to the heart. This is the reason why it becomes hard to control from endowing innumerable kisses to them.

useful-baby-shower-giftsBabies are so vulnerable that they are meant to be pampered and showered unconditional love and affection. Someone has rightly said, a baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for. That is why people celebrate the coming of their little munchkin with full joy and delight. While in some cultures there is the tradition of a baby shower before the arrival of the baby, some throw a grand party after their baby arrives. No matter what the occasion is, if you are going to meet a baby for the first time you had to have something useful for him.

Being new to the world babies require utmost care and affection during their primary days. Therefore bringing them something useful which can help would-be-parents in the initial days of baby’s arrival seems logical. In the same context, a number of brands have launched many products which can be presented as a gift to the new parents. Apart from this, the gift baskets have outnumbered other gifts in the recent past. Since a baby gift basket contains almost every baby essential, they are becoming the new cool these days.

Let’s take an insight to some of the best baby gift baskets floating in the market

1. The first in the series is the baby gift basket from Aveeno

Aveeno Baby Mommy & Me Gift SetThe “Aveeno Baby Mommy & Me Gift Set, Baby Skin Care Products” from Aveeno Baby is one of those gift baskets which is loved by the parents completely. And undoubtedly it would be loved by would-be parents as well. Since it comprises products for both mom and baby it is a complete package to gift to your loved one. When it comes to pampering the baby and mom, Aveeno skin care products are worth splurging upon. Aveeno understands the requirements of a baby’s skin. This is the reason why they didn’t compromise with the ingredients of their products. By making use of natural ingredients while manufacturing each and every product, they have become the most reliable brand in today’s date.

This gift basket comprises some of those products which are required on daily basis. Being useful and valuable at the same time people adore such kinds of gifts to the most. Let’s take a sneak peek at the items present in it.

The Aveeno Baby Mommy & Me Gift Set includes 5 useful products which are:

• Aveeno Baby Wash & Shampoo – Since there is a presence of natural ingredients in the shampoo and baby wash, it helps to nourish the skin of baby without causing any harmful effect
• Aveeno Baby calming comfort bath wash – The bath wash is again an extremely wonderful product which not just maintains the hygiene but also soothe a fussy baby. Aromatically calming and very soft in texture the bath wash can be used on daily basis
• Aveeno Daily Moisture lotion – Baby’s skin is very delicate. It requires a regular moisturization to escape the dryness and enhance the suppleness. Aveeno Daily Moisture lotion could be used to get the required hydration on the baby’s skin
• Stress Relief Moisturizing Lotion for mother – Now this is something for the mommy. Parenting is tough and it takes the toil when your baby is small. When from sleepless nights to stressful days you need a little relaxation, the stress relief moisturizing lotion could be of utmost help
• Stress Relief Body Wash for mommy – This product holds a special place in the gift basket as until the mom is not de-stressed, baby can’t remain happy. This stress relief body wash is specially meant for making the mother relaxed and calm. It would make her bath time more relaxing by soothing her to the core

Since Aveeno is a pediatrician-recommended brand in baby care, its authenticity cannot be doubted. The whole basket comes in a reusable canvas box and is a perfect gift for parents-to-be.

2. Another gift basket in the series which has gained much popularity in the recent past is the one from Burt’s Bees

Burt's Bees Baby Getting Started Gift SetThe Burt’s Bees Baby Getting Started Gift Set comprises almost everything needed to pamper the little munchkin. It could be an ultimate gift set if you are going to attend a baby shower and in dilemma as for what to get for the new mom and her baby. Other than baby showers, it can also be presented as a gift on the mother’s day or other function of baby’s arrival. It can also be a great pregnancy gift for your friend, sister or any other mom-to-be.

The products from Burt’s Bee are made with utmost care and affection keeping in mind the skin of the new born. Since the skin is delicate and very sensitive, the use of natural ingredients makes it worthwhile. The whole pack comes with the trails sizes of baby products so that the mom can make sure the products are worth using or not. Sometimes a few products didn’t suit the skin of the new born and the whole pack gets wasted. This is when the need of using trail packs beforehand seems a good choice.

Therefore this basket comes with an alluring packing and comprises the following products:

• A Baby Bee Nourishing Lotion measuring 1 ounce – It is made up of Shea Butter and Apricot with the essence of Grape seed oil. Combining these three the lotion becomes highly nourishing and a perfect to help soothe the baby’s skin
• A Baby Bee Shampoo & Wash measuring 1.8 ounce – This product is natural and plant based made to cleanse the body without making it dry and patchy
• A Baby Bee Diaper Cream-to-Powder measuring 0.75 ounce – New born babies generally encounter diaper rashes. The Baby Bee Diaper Cream is made in such a way that it goes as a cream and dries to a soft powder. It absorbs all the extra wetness of the skin making it soft and smooth
• A Baby Bee Nourishing Oil measuring 1 ounce – The oil from Baby Bee endows proper nourishment to the skin and can be used for massaging and making the skin hydrated
• A Baby Bee Buttermilk Soap – As per the name buttermilk is being used in the manufacturing of the soap from Baby Bee. Buttermilk is one of the best ingredients which can be used for bathing the baby and thus this becomes a must-have product in the baby’s essentialities.

All these products are extremely safe and harmless for the sensitive skin of babies. While the lotion keeps the skin moisturized for longer durations the buttermilk soap didn’t let the skin to get dry while bathing. Thus this gift basket is the perfect way to celebrate new and expectant moms.

3. After Burt’s Bee there comes the most famous brand Johnson’s Baby

Johnson's Bath Discovery Gift Set For Parents-To-Be, Caddy With Bath EssentialsWell, Johnson’s Baby is one of the oldest and the most popular brand when it comes to baby products. With their long and renowned history, they have managed to make an influencing place in the market. Even if the market is flooded with numerous brands endowing wonderful baby products, the trust that Johnson has gained from its clients outnumbers every other. This is the reason why Johnson’s Bath Discovery Gift Set is one of its kinds and preferred by many.

When it comes to safety, Johnson’s products secure the foremost place. They make use of high quality naturally derived ingredients to formulate their baby products. This ensures the genuineness and authenticity of them. That is why Johnson is considered as number one Baby skin care brand with best in the class global safety process. If you are opting for the gift basket from Johnson, no wonder you would get all the admiration from the parent-to-be.

Here is the list of products which are inculcated in the Johnson’s Bath Discovery Gift Set:

• JOHNSON’S Baby Shampoo – Coming in 7 Fl. Oz, it’s a no tear shampoo which makes the bathing time fun and enjoyable making the hairs soft and silky

• JOHNSON’S Baby HEAD-TO-TOE Lotion – This product measures 9 Fl. Oz and can be used for moisturizing the baby’s skin and making it supple from head to toe

• JOHNSON’S Baby HEAD-TO-TOE Wash – Again coming with no-tear formula, the head to toe body wash can be used to clean every body part of the baby. It comes in 9 Fl. Oz. measuring bottle

• JOHNSON’S Baby Bubble Bath – Coming in 3 Fl. Oz. this product makes the bathing extremely enjoyable when baby plays with the bubbles and gets cleaned as well

• JOHNSON’S Baby Powder with soothing Aloe Vera & Vitamin E – Aloe Vera is very useful for maintaining the skin regimen and this is the reason why Johnson makes use of it in its powder. Measuring 9 Oz this helps in making the baby’s skin aromatic and healthy both

• JOHNSON’S Safety Swabs – Swabs are one of the essential products for maintaining the hygiene. You would get 55 swabs in this gift basket which are good to use for a month or two

• DESITIN Rapid Relief Zinc Oxide Diaper Rash Cream – With the usage of diapers, the problem of diaper rash becomes frequent. This basket contains a diaper rash cream which measures 2 Oz. to soothe the trouble baby face with diaper rashes

• 1 Plastic Bath Caddy – The bath caddy which is provided by Johnson’s in this gift basket is extremely beautiful and looks like a perfect gift for the new mommy

4. Munchkin Sarabear Portable Diaper Caddy

Munchkin Sarabear Portable Diaper Caddy, White WaffleWhen it comes to baby gift baskets, Munchkin has also managed to attain popularity for many reasons. Since the products from munchkin are very baby-friendly, people have no issues in opting it before other brands. While other brands are busy in making gift sets which contain baby products and baby essentialities, Munchkin launched something very unique, usable and portable as well. Wondering what it would be? This is a Munchkin Sarabear Portable Diaper Caddy.

Generally, people prefer giving bathing products, skin care products and clothing sets and no one thinks out of the box. But if you want to present something exclusive and equally useful product then you can choose the Munchkin Sarabear Portable Diaper Caddy. It is designed by a mom itself and thus fulfills every criterion that a mother requires. No one can deny the fact that a home with a baby remains messy most of the times.

Therefore at times, it becomes hard to find the things which are needed most frequently like diapers, baby wipes, burp clothes etc. This is when the need of a good diaper caddy becomes utmost essential.

The Munchkin Sarabear Portable Diaper Caddy is portable and spacious enough to hold most of the baby’s essentials items. It is a multi-compartment diaper caddy which comprises of one large compartment to place the diapers of every size. The four medium compartments are big enough to hold burp cloths, wipes, and other important things. The pockets for ointments and swabs are like extra perks in the basket. Being extremely functional and practical for use the caddy looks very stylish as well. You can place it in the living room or in the baby’s room as per your choice. There is a handle on either side of the basket for easy porting which can be lied down when placed at a place.

The major features of this gift basket are:

• A tight weave of real wood is used in the manufacturing of the basket which is PVC free
• Inside liner is made up of 100% cotton fabric which is totally free from formaldehyde
• Wood stain which is used in the basket is free from lead and entirely water based
• The absolutely product is free from plastic

All these features make this basket safe to use and a perfect gift for every new and expectant mom.

5. Small Baby Gift Basket – Aveeno Baby Daily Bath Time Solutions Gift Set To Prevent Dry Skin

Aveeno Baby Daily Bath Time Solutions Gift Set To Prevent Dry SkinAnother product worth pondering upon is again a gift basket from Aveeno. This is relatively a smaller gift basket as compared to the prior one but it encompasses almost everything required for a new born and a new mom. When it comes to chores of daily routine, bathing becomes essential. And since baby’s skin is new to this world, it requires extra care and affection. The natural ingredients of products from Aveeno can be trusted totally as it is pediatrician recommended as well. The gift basket “Aveeno Baby Daily Bath Time Solutions Gift Set To Prevent Dry Skin” could be a perfect gift baby and mommy.

This gift basket comes in a wicker carrier which looks extremely aesthetic and has a great outer appearance. Every product that this gift basket comprises has natural oatmeal. Oatmeal is considered as the best natural product for maintaining the optimum level of moisturization in the skin. From protecting the delicate skin of new born to hydrating the skin of mom, it comprises everything which is needed to make the baby and mom feel good. Therefore it is a perfect gift to give to the loved one.

The products included in Aveeno Baby Daily Bath Time Solutions Gift Set are:
• Aveeno baby wash and shampoo
• Aveeno Baby Calming Comfort Bath
• Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion
• Aveeno Stress Relief Body Wash for mom

Being recommended safe by Pediatrician and Dermatologists, it is an ideal gift for new and expecting moms. The products are completely free from toxins, dyes, and parabens. They didn’t contain even a minute quantity of phosphates, steroids, formaldehyde or fragrances. Even the use of PEG and Drying Alcohol which are generally utilized in skin care regimen products are neglected while manufacturing them. It is designed by keeping the baby’s sensitive skin in mind and thus kept nut and dairy free as well. While there are chances of some babies to be allergic to the nut and dairy products, therefore it is made hypoallergenic in order to suit every new born baby.

How To Make Baby Gift Basket Yourself

Build Your Own Baby Gift SetWell, these are some of the best baby gift baskets present in today’s date. But if you are little creative you can try your hands out in making your own gift basket as well. This would not only help to make a more alluring gift but also cut the price off to a great extent. For making a baby’s gift basket by yourself, all that you need is to follow some simple steps. These are as follows:

1. Choose a gift basket and customize it as per your preference. You can give the whole basket a color theme like a blue one if the baby is boy and pink if it’s a girl. Gender neutral colors can also be picked if you are unknown about the sex of the baby. Try using soft and light shades as they are considered as baby friendly and look soothing to the eyes as well.

2. Make sure the basket you are choosing is baby friendly. It should be soft in appearance and smooth from the corners so that the baby can touch and feel your gift. If you make use of polka dots, animal prints or the fabrics designed with cartoons the whole basket would look very adorable.

3. Once you have prepared your basket, gather everything you want to keep in it. From their skin care products to clothing, few toys to tethers things you think are useful can be placed inside it. Make sure every product is free of toxins and hazardous materials. You can even ask the mom-to-be as for what she requires for the baby. Keeping something for the mom would give you some extra marks.

4. Now once all the items have been gathered, place a clean and printed cloth in the basket and start filling it with the items you have collected. Place them one by one in such a way that they get snuggled properly.

5. It’s time to decorate and wrap the basket as beautifully as you can. You may use ribbons and other finishing touches to make the basket look attractive. Putting a card on the top adds to the beauty. Then take a printed or transparent plastic to wrap the whole gift basket. Using hard net cloth can also work wonders. Make sure every item inside the basket is placed properly and would not fall when tilted.

6. For the final touch up, bunch the whole wrapping material upwards and tie it with a ribbon in an aesthetic way. Make sure the ribbon is tied well enough that it would securely place the wrapping as such. Cut off the left over ribbon. You can again decorate the exterior with some stickers, bows, balloons and personalized writing. This makes the whole package alluring and worth cherishing.

Want to make it easy? No problem. Get some ideas and buy everything you need at one place – Build Your Own Baby Gift Set

Happy NewbornWhile babies are considered as God’s sent angels on earth, they require special treatment, love, and care. Make sure you are doing the best for the baby and your gift would make its presence count among the other gifts. These baby gift baskets and the idea of making your own would certainly make you one of the best guests of the party. So what are you waiting for, order one from the links provided or take your creative bug out and make a basket by your own.

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