How to Choose Best Baby Carrier or Wrapper

I can talk endlessly about things that helped to simplify my life in any way, and Ergobaby Original was one of them, so this review is mostly dedicated to it, a fortiori I used it much more often than any other carrier. But I also can’t ignore such a wonderful mankind invention as wrappers, therefore you will find a few lines about fantastic Storchenwiege Leo Marine woven cotton wrapper.

Ergobaby Original Ergonomic Multi-Position Baby CarrierThis Ergobaby was one of the most useful things within the whole motherhood. Sounds pathetic? Surely, and it is indeed. No exaggerations.

My love affair with baby carriers started from a wrapper. As an ‘excellent mom’, I’ve read everything, or almost everything, about wrappers, slings and carriers while being pregnant, and as a newborn is too fragile entity, I decided that a wrapper is the best solution, comparing with other kinds of carriers. By the way, it is.

But theory was much more attractive than practice: all these romantic images of pretty mommies with cute babies sleeping in the wrappers of fantastic hues! In reality, when I first tried to wrap my wee who was a month and a half, it looked like the unequal battle, and maybe you guess who was a winner. A prompt: not me. It was a reason for realizing that instruction going with a wrapper is not enough for success. And YouTube videos as well. But after watching the videos I managed to make the simplest wrapping and felt like a true hero. However, a wrapper was my perfect assistant when the baby was too small, since there are only two carriers suitable for newborns: sling and wrappers. A sling with rings looks fantastic but I felt pretty uncomfortable wearing it over one shoulder: I prefer balanced load.

Ergobaby OriginalWhen my little was 5 months, my friend presented me this black Ergobaby Original. Before I start talking about the incredible device, let me clarify something. Some friends of mine asked: ‘But why do you need any carrier? You have a car and a baby car seat, a stroller, and arms, finally! At home you have a swing, so why are you complicating your life?’ What I can reply for this, is – if you are ok with constant sitting at home without long walks; if you are ok with walking only within flat park lanes – no using stairs, no climbing hills, travelling, walking on wet sand along the water edge; if you always have someone to take your purchases home from a car and your bag to the car while you are carrying your baby; and finally, if you can lie all day long with a baby in the arms – no cooking and cleaning, no ironing and working in the garden – then YES, you really don’t need any carrier. But if your lifestyle is at least a bit similar to mine… If you are fond of hiking, if you have some housework to be done, if you have a job that needs meeting with people in different parts of the city – then don’t even doubt. You do need a carrier.

So, what was most special about the Ergobaby Carrier:

• Speed. First you fix a belt on your waist, then take a wee, then clasp the fasteners on you back and adjust the straps if needed. Bingo! It is several times quicker than wrapping. And this can be a great bonus if you ‘run for short distances’ – for instance, to the auto and back: it would be absolutely no rational to wrap and unwrap a baby for the sake of a few minutes need. Of if you have a toddler who is not able to decide what he wants more: to cuddle up to the mommy or to try his hand at walking, and therefore he climbs up into the carrier and back to the ground a hundred of times during a minute.

• Simplicity. No worries: you have no chance to make a mistake like it sometimes happens with a wrapper. You don’t need to learn various wrappings, or practice – everyone is able to cope with this carrier from the first attempt. Note that you can carry a wee on your front and on your back, both positions are comfortable and necessary in different circumstances.

• Design. Simple and sportive, nothing excessive – perfect for your casual clothing style. Black color may seem gloomy but it fits to any other colors and patterns, same as a little black dress. Not so elegant, of course, but still very versatile. Moreover, plenty of dads deny carrying babies in the wrappers since they suggest they look not… I don’t know… not manly enough. This excuse will not work with the Ergobaby carrier – it is unisex and neutral. The only thing I really don’t like is that camel color hood. However, it is quite functional for keeping a baby’s head while sleeping.

• Reliability. Thick canvas-like cotton is strong enough to endure all crazy hiking in the mountains, long walks, licking and biting, and endless number of washings.

• Convenience. It is really much easier to carry a kid in the carrier than just in arms – shoulders, spine, hips and waist will get tired, but significantly later, than without a carrier, and they likely will not be damaged because of incorrect load. Besides, the carrier is rather compact to fit in the bag when not needed anymore.

Storchenwiege Woven Cotton Baby Carrier WrapI must confess I’m still the wrappers passionate fan. And I couldn’t refuse carrying a baby in the wrapper even when she weighted already 30 pounds. Wrappers deserve a scrupulous detailed review, but I feel that it is not fair not to mention them at all.

My favorite wrapper was Storchenwiege Leo Marine – I’m in love with its deep blue tint. Comparing with the Ergobaby it has several indisputable advantages:

• Again – color! Of course it is a matter of taste, but for me it’s a huge pleasure to look at the things of my favorite hues.

• Soft, tender and rather thin cotton fabric – crucial for kinesthetics.

• Size. It is tiny in folded position, but large enough for many purposes in the unfolded one: it can be used as a hammock or a swing, as a blanket or an underlay (if you suddenly decide that it would be pertinent to sit on the grass for a while).

• It is hugging a baby as the most caring arms – no one carrier, even the most ergonomic one, can do it the same way.

• And finally, it looks splendid. I adore its soft folds and smooth outlines.

In other words, Ergobaby carrier is practical universal thing, necessary for any active mom who has a baby of 4-5 months and older (till 2-2.5 years). A Storchenwiege Leo Marine Wrapper is for newborn babies, and for moms who enjoy tying slings, and really like how they look. Nevertheless, they both have turned my motherhood into much more pleasant thing, and even saved me from madness in the craziest days.

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