Best Vegetable Spiral Slicer Overview

There are many people who will accept that it is great fun cooking food if you do not have to do the cutting and chopping. Many of us are a great chef but at the same time, we are a disaster chopper and presenter. And as the saying goes, the food is half made when finely chopped and full made when presented pleasingly. Sadly, I am poor in both the arts. For people like me, Chef’s Star has come up with an incredible 5 blade slicer that will cast away all your kitchen woes.

5 Blade Heavy Duty BPA FREE Vegetable Spiral Slicer

There is nothing better than finely sliced, spiral vegetables. The aesthetic presence of spirally cut vegetables is enough to accentuate the taste of the dishes. But not many of us are a pro in this art. Thanks to Chef’s Star the latest model of their Spiral Cutter is just perfect. A cutter is a robust machine that can cut any veggie into spirals.

It has 420 high-carbon cutlery grade stainless steel blades that make the machine offer you perfect spirals. In addition to this, the blades are completely BPA free thus you also get an assurance for your health and safety.

Chef's Star Spiral Slicer   Chef's Star Vegetable Spiral Slicer

Unlike before, you do not have to struggle with hard root vegetables; the blades of this new model are sharp and heavy so that they easily cut through hard veggies like beetroot, squash or Ginger root. To offer stability to the machine, the company has installed tough place holders at its bottom. You do not have to worry about keeping the Chef star’s 5 blades heavy duty spiral slicer in place as the rubber place holder do the needful.

Vegetable Spiral SlicerAnother great feature of this spiral slicer is the five heavy duty blades that make cutting the veggies fun. You can not only add flavors to your food but also enhance the nutrition content of your dishes. For a family like mine, where we all hate eating too many vegetables, the spiral chopping was an innovation that makes us eat the nutritious meals.

Imagine eating spaghetti pasta that is made of Zucchini, carrots, and many other vegetables, the idea fascinates me to have it all, bowl after bowl.

Even if you are considering dieting but are too lazy to take a knife in your hands, this spiral slicer is a boon for you. Now you do not have to waste time in preparing veggies but, the Chef Star’s 5 blades heavy duty spiral slicer makes everything easy and fun. You can make delicious and nutritious food for your Keto, Paleo, Low-Carb and Gluten Free diets easily.

Finally, a product that makes amazing spirals is easy to use and has a minimum mess and the waste tactic is here, that too with a ‘lifetime Warranty’ which saves you from any hassle while replacing the product.

5 Blades Vegetable Spiral Slicer

The only drawback of using this product is that your children would expect you to make new recipes’ every other day (smiles). But when you have Chef’s Star 5 Blade Heavy Duty BPA FREE Vegetable Spiral Slicer you can stop fearing the daunting task of peeling, cutting and chopping the veggies.

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