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Best Small Trampoline For Your Kids

I guess I’m not the only mother in the world who dreams of her child being busy, carried away, well moved and I would not have to waste my energy to take part in it. So, like many other mothers of 4-year-old toddler I dream of those rare moments when my “ball of fire” is busy and efficiently burns her irrepressible energy. In summer time this function is performed by walking and playing outdoors. Thus, last summer me and my husband realized the necessity of buying a game, or a toy that would fascinatingly supplement the physical load of our baby in winter-time. Finally we made a choice and ordered a trampoline.

At first there were doubts like what if it would be unsafe or what if it is inconvenient to use a trampoline in the house, or even what if our daughter is just too little for this device. We carefully learned all the instructions, comments, pictures, videos.

Which Mini Trampoline is the best?

Small Trampoline For KidsAfter some discussions we settled on Little Tikes 3 ft Trampoline. As for me, I was really persuaded by the presence of a handle above the jumping surface and a mat on the outline of this trampoline model.

Little Tikes 3 ft Trampoline turned out very easy to assemble. All the parts are prepared to be used and the only action requiring thinking and effort is to attach five legs and a handle bar to the trampoline.

After assembling the trampoline I made some very positive conclusions. Little Tikes was lower than I imagined by its description, so it excludes any serious damage. The handle bar did not disappoint me either – it’s very comfortable to hold it on. In addition its handle is covered with soft material on top. At first my daughter was a little afraid to jump up high, but having a handle as a support really gave her some confidence.

Of course, when buying any children’s things, I pay attention to the material they are made from. Little Tikes Trampoline has nice plastic and metal combination. These materials allow the trampoline to be safety and lightweight, but strong enough at the same time. It is also important considering that I have to move it all around the house – place to place, day by day. For those who are supposed to find some kind of luxury materials, I have to mention that you might be a bit annoyed. The quality of all the construction is appropriate to its price. It is just good enough and may serve you for a long time if you’ll follow all the instructions.

Probably I should say something about the instructions. They are quite detailed and clear. One of the main points – Little Tikes is designed for children of the age 3-6. So, if your child is younger or older take it into account before ordering.

Generally, after using our new trampoline for about one year, I can say that I am totally satisfied with this choice. My daughter enjoys bouncing the trampoline wherever and whenever she wants. We didn’t have any accidents with this device at all. I only regret than Little Tikes Trampoline is for indoor use only – I think it could be useful on the yard sometimes.

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