Back to School Supplies and Shopping List Tips

August is a busy month for all American parents. Parents get their children ready for Back to School. You doubt own eyes that it’s almost time to start getting ready for Back to School season. We make sure you can obtain the looked-for result in your summer and until at least the end of August you are more prepared for the school year. For many parents we know from experience that the first academic school day is coming up much faster than that, so to help you get ready for the new school year and start the new school year with all the books, three-ring binders, highlighters, pocket folders, colored pencils, crayons, glue sticks, erasers etc.

A study conducted by the National Retail Federation showed that in order to buy everything needed for school, parents in America every year will have to spend about $500-700. It’s about one child. If the family has two or three children, the amount can be doubly doubled or tripled.

So, most parents in the USA receive a suggested School Supplies list prior to the start of the new school year. Buying school supplies is impossible without a good convenient shopping list.


You need to be at the ready to spend from $30-50 to $100-150 on School Supplies list to help your child get ready for Back to School. To be sure, School Supplies are a case in point. If you are also planning to purchase children’s clothes, shoes for a year, it is a topic in its own right. Same deal with technology and electronics (for example, a tablet or a new smartphone or a computer for e-learning).

While you’re out shopping for school supplies, we recommend you to stock up with School Supplies, for example, pencils, glue sticks labeled, markers, etc., your kids will need at home.

If you don`t have your School Supply List, you can find it in accessible stands on entering the stationery shop or find it online at website of your School.

Let’s choose the best School Supplies. Here are basic school essentials that you will probably need for any school for each grade:

1. Pencil box

2. Crayons

3. Boxes of colored pencils

4. Blue, black, red ballpoint pens

5. Pencil sharpener

6. Highlighters

7. Washable markers

8. Three-ring binder

9. Erasers

10. Glue Sticks Labeled

11. Ruler

12. Blunt-tipped scissors

13. Plastic folders

14. Marble composition notebooks for Writing Journal

15. Calculator

16. One-subject spiral notebook

17. Different solid colored folders for academic classes

18. Wide-ruled notebook or pad

19. Thin Dry Erase Marker

20. 3×5 Index Cards

21. Facial Tissues Box

22. Small Zippered Pouch for Pencils

23. Small pair of scissors

24. Loose-leaf paper or spiral notebooks

25. Pocket dictionary

26. Agenda

27. Hand Sanitizer

28. Book Covers

29. Protractor

30. Antibacterial wipes

31. Portfolio folders with pockets

32. Pencil pouch

33. Lunchbox or bag

34. Water Bottle

35. Backpack


What Are The Trusted Brands of School Supplies?

If you have no issue with your broken pencil in two in hand in a few days, or with your dull pencil sharpener after the first using, then you should choose high quality School Supplies that can cost a little more, but they are absolutely safe for children and have a useful lifetime.

But what are the best-selling brands of School Supplies? Which School Supplies are the most in-demand?

Check out these great recommendations for top trusted brands of school supplies:

  • Five Star School Supplies from the USA. Go back to school with high-quality, long lived and innovation-based Five Star products like backpacks, folders, notebooks, planners, binders, etc. Many goods of quality are available in a wide range of colors and within a wide price range. But they are so expensive.
  • If you are looking for the good brands, then Crayola School Supplies will be the most durable idea of investments you can buy this year. Crayola is based in the USA. School Supplies help children perform well at school, express, create through colorful play. They are safe for use by kids and spark kid’s creativity in the classroom. Good luck with your shopping there!
  • Faber-Castell (Germany) is one of the world’s largest and oldest brands of art suppliers, School Supplies and office supplies like staplers, erasers, pens, rulers, pencils, slide rules. They are top-quality products for kids to learn writing, drawing and coloring. They’re good value and cheap.
  • Prismacolor is originated by Berol in 1938. The brand offers a wide variety of professional art and drawing supplies including colored pencil sets, sketch pencils, art markers and watercolor pencils. You can find the best prices for all School Supplies.
  • Dixon Ticonderoga is a limited School Supply brand from the United States. The Dixon Ticonderoga Pencils are the pencils all kids want. They last longer and work better than some other brands.
  • Liza Frank is an American businesswoman. Lisa Frank is well-known brand that are primarily marketed to kids, particularly girls. The brand produces fantastic commercial design for School Supplies with the best price for sure.
  • Sharpie is a best-selling brand of writing instruments, mainly permanent marker pens, sold in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Latin America, Australia, and parts of Europe. They became famous for their skillfulness to write a clear, well-defined, non-smudging, durable line on glossy surfaces.
  • Go back to school with everything you need to write, erase, highlight, mark on whiteboards and glue! Paper Mate is the world’s best-known pen brand that created in 1949 by the Frawley Pen Company in the USA. Paper Mate produces flair felt tip pens, mechanical pencils, ballpoint pens and erasers, which are kept for sale in large variety of colors and shapes.
  • Elmer’s Products is a good company that has a line of adhesive, craft, home repair products, School and office Supplies. This is the trusted brand. There’s an Elmer’s glue to help you to create school projects, gifts or scrapbooks. You can buy Elmer’s School Glue at low price.
  • STAEDTLER Mars GmbH & Co. KG. Nuremberg, Germany. The brand has School Suppliers for writing, drawing, coloring and modeling. They are helpful tools for promoting the flow of creative thoughts.
  • You can shop for hundreds of fun, accostable, and amusing School Supplies for your lessons, home or retail. GEDDES is the trusted brand for your school supplies needs since 1924. GEDDES sells pencils, erasers, pens and so on.
  • JanSport is the world’s largest American brand of backpacks. Find affluence of backpacks to put them in your Back to School list. JanSport has all fashionable and theme-based character backpacks. The range of bags fills the need of juniors. This brand caters for boys and for girls.
  • For over 30 years Eastsport has been designing high quality backpacks at affordable prices. Eastsport is a trusted brand of backpacks. They are suitable for keeping School Supplies or sport outfit which is easy for kids and students. These types of backpacks are helpful and can be used in many ways in terms of storing and carrying your things around without any problems. Nowadays there are many different specifications of Eastsport backpacks on sale.


Do you need to purchase unattractive and traditional School Supplies for kids or should you choose animal print School Supplies or School Supplies based on your child’s favorite cartoon characters or favorite movie?

That’s an interesting question. It depends on your child. For example, you are aware, none better, that your child can lose interest in one or other cartoon character or favorite animal in a minute. And how does the child behave himself when you cheer him up.

If you know exactly that your child will not enthuse about it in a week, you should not buy such one-year notebook, because that is nothing to him. In such cases, let`s better choose a simple traditional style. The converse is also true if you know that your encouragement will motivate your child to learn yearlong – let`s purchase. Many children really fall in love with the cartoon characters or something else, and it is necessary to purchase some school supplies with the appropriate branding, that the learning will become more pleasant and easier for them.

Here are some best-selling School Supplies with cartoon characters, animals etc:

How do you save money and time while preparing your child for new school year? Consumer rights protection experts give you five gilt-edged tips:

Firstly, don`t spread yourself too thin

Experience has shown that you don`t need 40% of your purchases. For this reason it is much more reasonable to purchase the most important basic things, and as time passed you can buy some more school supplies, clothes, etc.

In August and September many retail companies try to offer parents of schoolchildren all kinds of different discounts and incentives. For this reason many brands draw in consumers and benefit from their Back to School wants and needs. The revenue will reach $75 billion.

Secondly, shop together

You and your child can spend two hours a day in front of a computer and try to choose and order all things necessary for school – from school supplies to clothes and shoes. Let him choose some colorful school supplies. Most online retail stores offer outstanding free shipping options. All orders of $25 or more of eligible items across any product category qualify. Therefore, you will save time, money and nerves. Remember that over 70% of parents go shopping in a supermarket shortly before starting a new school year. Don`t forget to read product reviews and watch their spot in the ranking.

Thirdly, don`t do your purchase unknown to child

Remember that in the teenage environment there are some unspoken rules. Teenagers wear clothes and backpacks of certain brands and colors. If you buy a product that costs three times more than the “approved” in a youth environment, the child will not wear it.

Fourthly, join to other parents

Costco, Sam’s Club and BJ’s sell everything you need for school with huge discounts, but each product is in a big package: 50 ballpoint pens, 5 staplers, 25 exercise books, 12 rulers, etc. If you shop 12 rulers with 4 other parents together and then divide it into quarters, you will suck advantage out of such purchase.

Finally, it has to be said in fairness that the school year in the USA begins at the end of August or the day after Labor Day in September. You need only a short while to get your kids ready for Back to School.


Jumping from a summer to a school tempo can be stressful to everyone in your family. Your kids or your school teacher can always tell you exactly what you’ll need for school, from pens and folders to backpacks and lunchboxes. Buying new School Supplies helps children look forward to returning to school. Shopping must be stressful and time-consuming. You always spend a lot of time driving from shop to shop to find what your children need. Parents shouldn’t run all over town to find a matched supply or to find the thing on the Greek calends. How long have you been waiting? Time is money. Shopping with a sight of people might be unpleasant and troublesome. During rush hours you would have a really tough time looking for needed thing. You should spend the time driving around buying things, but you should spend your money on Back to School shopping. You can shop online to save your money and time while avoiding frustration by shopping. You have enough time to shop online for Back to School Supplies. You can always find best prices and discounts on the School Supplies, backpacks, clothes and electronics.

That’s why I love online shopping. It’s a good idea for parents. We think that it would be easy to order some big supply packs that you can shop online for your children. Whether they are starting school, you can purchase all things they need and, often times, get it shipped for free. What can we say? It’s just easier and smarter to shop certain things online!

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